YED Project


Migrations and increased cultural diversity represent challenges to Europe’s cohesion and democracy, under threat by nationalism, mistrust, and terrorism. The goal is that the new generation of European citizens can contribute to overcome these challenges.

Schools have a role in sustaining social cohesion, and civic education is part of the curricula in many countries. However, schools and teachers must also be able to foster democratic attitudes in young citizens. Because it takes more than teaching about democracy, it is necessary to breed democracy as a way of living.

The YED project proposes immersing youths into a democratic environment, giving them the opportunity to understand and practice their role as European citizens, by:

  • designing virtual 3D spaces for experimenting, discussing, and demonstrating democracy;
  • enhancing teachers competences to promote Education for Democratic Citizenship;
  • innovating in resources and methods, towards a more collaborative way of society building.

UTAD will go to secondary schools with an interdisciplinary team committed to guide teachers and students in the route of participation in Europe’s history.